Your business and your life, fuelled by PURPOSE!


Well, hello there, World Changer!

Like it or not, we change the world every day with our simplest actions. So let's make it count, shall we?


You may well be here to meet me for one of two sweet reasons...


Purpose Fuelled Biz!

You are an entrepreneur starting your business and you want to fuel it with who you really are and what your mission is, so that your clients find you effortlessly and you stand out from the crowd.

You have been at your business for a while and it feels like a slog. You have something really important that you offer, a great solution to a challenging problem for people. Why aren't they finding you? What are you doing wrong?

Your business has plateau and it feels like a flatline! You are seeking a kickstart of purpose and mission to head up to that next level!

Purpose Fuelled Life!

You have reached that age or stage in life (let's get it out there - I am 51 and loving it!) when you are craving to live that dream that you have always had in your head but never felt you could have or just haven't started.

This could be a dream you have had since you were a kid or something that you just discovered and yelled, "THAT'S IT!" The question, now, is how to get started, both with nuts and bolts strategies and knowing you can do it!

You are thinking, "Is this all there is? Here I am, midway through this life if I am lucky and I don't know if I am really living it..." Those are important questions and the answer is simple - if you want more or different, you can create it.


I get around and have been seen and heard many places, including...