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"Being with Lea Ann is being touched by a radiance that stretches me beyond my current way of being and seeing. I feel supported by her enthusiastic insistence in seeing me in my unique brilliance. In our sessions together, I felt like I was being with a coach, mentor, friend, playmate all at the same time." - Eugene P.

"Lea Ann, you are an A-Mazing coach! You are helping me realize my greatness!!! That is the power of coaching! You help me see what I haven't yet seen in myself. In such a short time you have challenged me to go big! And I'm doing it!!!! My life is changing every day. Everyday I am one step closer to realizing my potential. I have always know the possibilities are limitless and the sky is the limit. You are helping me "OWN IT". This is priceless!" - Sandy Brown, Coach, SandyBrown.tv

"Awesome!" illustration by Sam Brown of www.explodingdog.com

"Awesome!" illustration by Sam Brown of www.explodingdog.com

"Unless you've done this before, it's hard to know what to expect from a life coach and whether it's right for you. Lea Ann surprised me, in a good way! She listened while gently steering my perceptions of self and my situation away from my fears and towards my dreams. She sent streams of loving kindness via email beyond our in-person sessions, showing me she was not only listening but thinking of ways to help and support me. Our talks became milestones of accountability as well as a haven of support. We all have it in us to be who we want to be but sometimes in our life we need someone by our side while we figure that out. Lea Ann is a midwife to finding your creativity and inner-strength. I'm glad I didn't have to navigate the last couple of months by myself."

-Natasha Ramsingh, Writer, Television Producer (find her incredible writing at Gathered String).

"Lea Ann is a skilled strategist with a keen ability to look at issues from 30,000 feet and quickly pinpoint barriers to success. She says the things that may be hard to hear that ultimately set individuals and organizations on a path to action."- Stephanie Crocker, Executive Director, Ecosource.