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Share your story. Change the world.

Do you have an idea that you want to share with the world?

Let's work together to get it out there as your powerful, TEDx-style,signature talk!

If you have a story you are burning to tell or an idea you know will change the world, I am delighted to work with you to get it out there! 

Honing your idea, creating your signature story and crafting a talk that will engage and inspire are all exciting steps to the stage! Don't just do a lecture or a run-of-the-mill talk. Create a talk that will change peoples' lives!

Having gone through the TEDx talk journey, I have first-hand knowledge on the TEDx process, if that is your dream! Creating a signature TED-style talk will increase your impact on any stage!

I will work with you as a partner from identifying your amazing idea to getting you on the stage! 

You may want to share your idea on a TEDx or other large event stage. It may be an idea you must share in a board room or in front of key funders. Whatever the stage, whomever the audience, the most powerful talks are created from confidently sharing your stories as a vessel for your idea.

I have navigated the TEDx journey from idea to writing my talk, through the application process and then finally being selected and sharing my idea on the TEDx Santa Barbara stage! It is an experience like no other. And it is a unique experience that is much more easily navigated with someone who has been there.

I offer one-on-one coaching support for this entire journey, from capturing your unique idea (not a topic or theme, but your unique idea), to writing your talk, seeking a great event, applying and then bringing your best version of yourself and your talk to the stage, big or small!

If giving a signature, high stakes talk is your dream OR you have been called upon to give that talk of a lifetime, let's talk about how we can work together to create and share Your Powerful Talk!

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