"A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement." -Bo Bennett


Coaching Partnerships and Mentoring

Are you someone burning to get your mission-driven business flying or do you need some rocket fuel to realize your best work?

If you like my mojo and the way I show up in the world, I am happy to create a personalized coaching partnership with you to hone your mission, increase your visibility and bump up your joy in your work!

Are you a mission-driven business or organization changing the world for the better?

Organizations and businesses may be created with any number of missions in mind, but their impact is realized by their people, their human architecture.

A clearly articulated vision that is understood by the entire team supported by effective leadership strategies, clear communication methods and a feeling of flow within and between team members can exponentially increase the positive impact of any organization.

With almost two decades of leadership and management experience in the mission-driven sector, as well as political lobbying and collaborative policy change work, I guide leaders and team members in:

  • Effective leadership styles based on servant leadership and energy management philosophies
  • Impact-driven communication styles that honour the diversity of ways that individuals share information and work effectively together
  • Strategic outcomes planning based on impact
  • Clear communication and reporting to partners, stakeholders and funders
  • Short, medium and long term financial and fundraising planning
  • Creative collaborations and partnerships

We work together to create a bespoke coaching relationship that addresses where you and your organization are and where you want to be.


"W hen your clarity meets your conviction, and you apply action to the equation, your world will begin to transform before your eyes." - Lisa Nichols


O r, we can create an intensive experience that puts you on the right track to realize your vision

Are you at a crossroads in your life, business, organization or career and want specific help from me? I offer half or full day intensives to blast through to your purpose, create your strategy and deliver an action plan that is READY TO GO! 

How we work together - the specifics!

Everyone is different and yet many actions are common to everyone, so your program is held by the framework you choose and is also tailored to you.  If you want to focus on one step more than another, we will honour that. 

Time frame
We agree to work for a minimum of 3 months together. In my experience as both a coach and someone who has been coached by great coaches, 3 months is the minimum to create change that sticks. We ensure in our introductory conversation that we have a good sense of what you are seeking and discuss what time I think it will take to get going on that road.

Checking in on your goals
If at any time you wonder if you are getting what you wanted from the coaching, we talk it through and make sure that you are getting what you wanted to create. This work is for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS or ORGANIZATION. We keep a keen eye on your progress and we course correct where needed to keep you moving forward. The long and short of it is this - if you aren't feeling happy, we discuss what you are missing and what you need and we make it happen.


When we meet for conversations and what happens in between
We meet weekly over the course of our working relationship, unless we have created a different agreement. Between our conversations, I am available to you whenever you need my input or feedback by text, email or Facebook PM. This is not just a weekly strategy session. I am here for you when you need me.

We meet by Skype, on the phone or locally in the GTA area, we can meet in person. We can also create an in-person meeting location internationally with a planned intensive. Location is no barrier. 


T ogether, we realize your vision on YOUR terms.