Changing the world by inspiring action & empowering leaders...



Like it or not, we change the world every day with our simplest actions. So let's make it count, shall we?


You may well be here to meet me for one of these reasons...


My Speaking and Writing

I am a lifelong activist, travelling the full trajectory from direct action wilderness activist to executive director of two charities. I am also a midlife mama. being recreated by the experience of motherhood.

I speak to audiences around the world, large and small, about our individual and collective responsibilities to take positive action in this world of ours.

I am delighted to share my idea, "A New Definition of Activism", on the stage at TEDx Santa Barbara in November 2017.

Coaching with me

As a lifelong leader, organizational specialist and activist, I work with a select number of individuals and organizations who are doing good in the world. Our coaching relationship is bespoke, tailored to what you bring to the table.

I am particularly interested in the human architecture of organizations, how we can maximize our impact by cultivating deep personal leadership, a vibrant vision for what we are creating and effective, clear communication skills.

I am also charged up by exploring visibility for social entrepreneurs and mission-driven organizations and how that is delightfully entangled with fundraising and creating clients.


I have been seen and heard many places, including...