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Lea Ann Mallett is a wild woman, activist, transformational coach and artist who believes fiercely that we all have a wild place within us that we can easily remember. When we are in touch with our power, we know that every choice we make, every interaction we have with others and with the planet, changes the world.Her greatest desire is to support people in reconnecting with their core wild place, their magic that takes them to the next level of their personal and public missions.

Speaking themes

She speaks on her experience in creating this reconnection to self in “Becoming Undomesticated”.  And she reveals how all of us are changing the world, every day, through "The Beauty and Power of Small Actions".

She also is deeply committed to her vision of revolutionizing the non-profit activist sector to nourish and support inspired leaders and speaks to that in "Lessons from the Lorax".

Lea Ann also speaks to new story leadership fueled by love, respect and creativity in "Inspired Leadership".

More about Lea Ann

Lea Ann is an engaging, funny, passionate and down to earth speaker who connects with audiences large and small. She is eminently qualified to talk about these topics, having experienced the entire spectrum of activism and mission driven leadership, from direct action wilderness activist to nonprofit Executive Director. Her activist work includes sitting in a tree for three days in Clayoquot Sound to protest ancient forest clearcut logging, leading forest protests in Temagami to protect wilderness there, and organizing urban protests to raise the alarm on key issues. Her journey also embraces an Honours Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Psychology and a Bachelor of Education in Chemistry and Biology, along with extensive skill building in leadership, coaching and innovative organizational management.

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