I am going to make some guesses about who you are. Let me know how I'm doing...

You are looking for something different, something more, for inspiration and a deep sense of doing something meaningful in the world (which is most of us, right?).

If you find you are clicking with me, it is likely that:

  • You want to make a positive difference in the world that has impact, feels good to you and doesn't drive you crazy in the doing.You may not mean you are dying to be on Oprah (although if she called, you would likely give her a chance to persuade you...) but you do want to create positive impact in some way, be that small and local or huge and world stage (and here, both of those things are equally respected!).
  • You are passionate about a lot of things. That can be both an asset and something that sometimes makes it harder to decide on the road forward (I just may have experienced this in my life...like, every. single. day.)
  • You are funny and smart and love the fact that working with me can mean a lot of laughter as well as deep exploration. Who says that transformation has to be about tears and profound utterances? It is just as likely with me that transformation comes with belly laughter.
  • You mean BUSINESS and you want to get into action. You may well be feeling impatient to get everything going at once or frustrated if you find yourself stuck or not getting done what you want to do as fast as you wish to do so. You might be hard on yourself about this, just maybe, possibly...
  • You want SUCCESS and you may well define that in a different way than many people. Your success may be defined by  making a big difference in the world with a lot of fine people who need your help. Your success may be having a rewarding part-time business that fits with your family and plays second to them. Your success may well be defined by the good you do rather than the dollars in your bank account. 
  • You LOVE the idea of making good money with your business AND you may feel conflicted about it at the same time. You may want to help everyone and you may well wonder, "Who am I to ask for a healthy fee for this?". Or maybe not!
  • You are open to new ideas and willing to try new things, or you are willing to be persuaded to get better at that!